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Hardwood Floor Buffing in Minneapolis, MN

You love your hardwood floors, but they are starting to look a little worn and tired. Bring your floors back to life with hardwood floor buffing. Our flooring company specializes in hardwood floors, doing everything from installing to refinishing to buffing hardwood floors. This is a field in which we excel. Request a free estimate for our professional service.  Floor buffing can serve as the end result or an intermediate step in the refinishing process. It all depends on the condition of your hardwood floors. When you want to enhance the appearance of hardwood that has lost its appeal over time, wood floor buffing is the first option you should consider. Feel free to call us and request our professional opinion. We offer free estimates and give you an honest answer about the level of service your flooring requires.

Buffing wood floors is an affordable alternative to refinishing. Avoid the unnecessary costs as well as the hassle by relying on our professional service to make your floors look fresh and new. While buffing is most often used as a protective method, it can also hide or reduce the visibility of small scratches. Buffing a hardwood floor is usually the final step in a complete restoration process. However, it can be utilized as a single step for hardwood floors that simply need to be maintained instead of totally repaired. Our services are not intended to take away the heavy damage that the floors have sustained over time. Our hardwood buffing services may be most convenient as an alternative for customers who are considering a full hardwood floor replacement. Replacing your floor should only be a solution once you have explored all other options. Buffing is the first option; refinishing is the second, while replacement is the third. It is amazing to see how much difference buffing can make in restoring the glory of your wood floors.

Polishing Hardwood Floors for Enhanced Beauty

Our flooring experts have the training and proper skills to buff floors to perfection. A floor buffing touches up and brings out the original, distinct features of your floor. The grain, knots, and whorls are what distinguish hardwood from other flooring types. Buffing is a quick, cost-effective method to make your wood floors look as good as new. Our process for hardwood floor buffing is designed to get rid of dullness and other imperfections that have impacted the appearance and quality of your floors. Some benefits of buffing include:

• Revives Look of Hardwood Floors in Less Time • No Mess & Easy Cleanup • Results in a Gleaming Appearance

Polished Floor in Minneapolis MN

When you want those old wood floors to shine again, ask our flooring company to help by polishing your hardwood floors. Dust and dirt can dull the gleam of your handsome flooring,but our professionals  bring in professional equipment and products to restore the brilliance of wood planks. We use quality wood floor polish, as well as durable floor buffers to produce the results that you want. The solid wood floors in your home are what convinced you to buy this house in the first place. Now, after years of living in the house, your floors do not look as handsome as they once did. Buffing is an affordable alternative to reviving the beauty of your flooring. After all, the wood floors were a big selling factor when you bought the house and they still are today with a little work from our professionals. Hardwood floors greatly enhance the value of any property – be it a house or a place of business.

Protect the Investment in Your Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a long-term investment in your home. Solid wood can be refinished time and again so that your wood floors last as long as a century. In-between times of refinishing, we recommend buffing to extend the life of hardwood plank. The process is quick and easy when you call on our flooring company for service. Protect and add to your investment with hardwood floor buffing. Perhaps, you have just moved into a new house that is a fixer-upper. Or maybe you are thinking about remodeling the house you live in now. One simple and cost-effective step you can take to make your house look brand new is to pay attention to the flooring. The floors are one of the first things that guests notice when they come into your house.

Dull wood floors with scratches and scuffs that do not welcome visitors into your house. In fact, they have the opposite effect. Bring back the texture and luster of the wood with our hardwood floor buffing services. Reach out to us for a free estimate. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and superior service. The owner of our flooring company ensures this by being present at each and every job. During long years of service, he has worked to earn a reputation for integrity and professionalism. 

Contact us to ask for a free estimate for your hardwood floor buffing. We serve homeowners in Shakopee, Waconia, Bloomington, Victoria, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.